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Plastic Hoop Toss Game


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Check out all the features:

  • Children will have terrific fun throwing rings at the targets and mastering their aim with the classic quoits set.

  • The traditional ring tossing game is incredibly simple to set up.

  • The two plastic frame pieces simply lock together to form a cross shaped board.

  • Five plastic poles simply slot into holes at the four ends and center of the cross.

  • Players then take turns to throw the five rings at the poles.

  • The player who gets rings around the most number of poles is declared the winner.

  • The traditional quoits set is perfect for indoor or outdoor play so, whether sun, rain or snow, it will provide the family with fantastic fun and entertainment.

  • This is a super quoits set that is suitable to play indoor or outdoor and can be played.

  • This excellent little game will help children develop and improve their co ordination skills.

  • This quoits set contains 2 cross arms, 5 scoring spikes and 5 scoring rings.

  • This quoits set is not considered suitable for children under the age of 36 months.

  • Each scoring arm measures 40cm. The spikes each measure 17cm.

  • The hoops measure approximately 13cm in diameter.

  • Material: Plastic

  • Color: multi color

  • Size: as picture shows

  • Contains:  1 Set Hoop Ring Toss (contains 2 cross arms, 5 scoring spikes and 5 scoring rings)


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